Cold Weather

It’s freaking cold!! I’m not use to this kind of weather. brrrr…and I have to be at work  😦


Nifty find

Clockwork Angel and Riese: Kingdom Falling introduced me to steampunk (I know, I’m a late comer to this party).  A very interesting and good change from vampire novels/shows. (Not that I’m complaining, since I will definitely read/watch a good one.) Anywho back to the point; check this out if you’re a steampunk fan. I wish I had this kind of creative skill.

Steampunk iPod Portable Rig

Tutorial Link.


a little sewing

I’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to be a test sewer. Very exciting for me since I always wanted to be a test knitter but never seemed to make the cut. I’ve purchased quite a few patterns from and I really like Sue’s pattern styles. I need to take more photos of the cute baby shoes. Anywho, check out this soon to be release pattern: Clutch bag no 55
Clutch bag no 55

And a bit of simple sewing for the shop
1. Pink zipper bag, 2. Strawberry zipper pouch, 3. Giraffes, 4. Cute cats

People are awesome!

epic win photos - Kindness WIN
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Brought a smile to my face when I saw this. People can be so inspiring.

had to share

epic win photos - Burger WIN
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Too funny!


One please

This past week has been allergy hell. We are getting some crazy mold action down here in Texas. Came across this and thought, hmmm I may need one.

Image from here.

Time to take more meds… hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


Time killer

When I am trying to kill time that I should be using for something productive, this little game holds my attention…

Screen shot from my iphone, and yup, I eventually actually bought the full game. $2.99…so far it seems worth it since I don’t have to deal with advertisements every other turn.


Instead of feeling like I have to stick to one theme or another, why not just have a place where I can let loose? I fall in and out of love with so many hobbies/projects, blogging about one love just doesn’t seem fair. Plus, my blog dwindles down to nothingness when I move on to my next adventures. So here’s to hoping that with this open ended blog I can truely blog about whatever/whenever. No more feeling guilty about not blogging about only knitting related items on my knitting blog.

Anywho, so, why ginger lane? Quite honestly, it sounded cute when I was on the prowl for a new etsy shop name. As you can guess it’s a new adventure…sewing, yup, like many I’ve caught the sewing bug. Have I forsaken my knitting love? No, I still love it, I just don’t spend so much time with it as I use to. I still have a sock on the needles and tons of UFOs laying around.

I’ve only been sewing for a few months and can’t seem to get enough. I’ve accumulated such a ginormous fabric stash that I am sorta freaking out. But then again I tend to go crazy when I throw myself into something new.

Lol, mini update, I started writing this post in September, flash forward a few months, and am now finally posting it (12-9-10). I told you I’m an awful blogger. Maybe 2011 will be better?  😉